We help create inclusive,
caring and productive workplaces.


Our approach

The heart to our approach is portrayed in the nature of trees. From roots to the tops, the tree reflects the growing being and the forest the organization of which it is part of. According to Peter Wohlleben in The Hidden Life of Trees, one tree’s condition cannot be better than the forest that surrounds it; this ecosystem is to be understood holistically. At Concilium Capital Humain, our approach and our services create meaning at conceptual, symbolic and experiential levels.

Our expertise

We help people and organizations grow by leveraging current strengths.


Get inspiration from
analogies, gain altitude.

Concilium Capital Humain provides original conferences on themes of management, leadership and diversity, many of which are inspired by nature. They are intended for people and companies wishing to benefit from a moment of introspection and learning: “take root now to better foresee the future!”

Content is always personalized according to your workplace’s needs and your own. Given at your workplace or virtually.


The art of mentoring,
one branch at a time.

Whether at your workplace or in virtual mode, our experienced team of professional coaches and mentors can offer you personalized service aimed at achieving lasting results and implementing concrete actions.

Aimed at executives, managers, and all staff members, our professional mentoring / coaching approach is based on a rigorous methodology that complies with ethical practices sanctioned by the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines et en relations industrielles agréés du Québec (CRHA) and by international organizations such as the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Our training

In-depth training that nourishes and strengthens your roots.


Corporate diversity
and inclusion program

A training program that helps to develop a realistic vision of diversity and to acquire the skills needed to transform an organization, making it an environment where diversity becomes the engine of creativity and innovation.

At the end of this program, you will have developed the knowledge, skills and approaches to manage and optimize the presence of diversity within your organization by displaying inclusive, transformative and inspiring leadership.

Inclusive diversity management

This course aims to equip participants who want to successfully develop an inclusive organizational culture and value individual differences as sources of creativity and innovation. In addition to organizational adaptation strategies, it also helps strengthen team management skills in a diversity context.

Inspiring leadership

Inspiring others means inspiring them to
want to follow you.

This course focuses on integrating and developing skills for collaborative, transformational and inspiring leadership in a changing and increasingly diverse society. It is a development approach that considers both the deep aspirations of leaders and their organization, as well as the ecosystem in which they work.


For trainers

This customized training aims to meet a company’s need for autonomy and agility. It offers a range of tools to allow internal resources to train their colleagues and accomplish their mandate efficiently, while respecting certain principles inherent in adult training in the workplace.

Online self-training

Intercultural communication in the workplace

Different cultures have never before rubbed shoulders so closely. In professional circles, they not only must coexist, they must learn to communicate and interact in order to achieve a common goal. This online self-training aims to allow the learner to get a better understanding of the notion of diversity and cultural variables in the communication context. It also introduces the basics of winning communication strategies in an intercultural context.

Duration: 75 minutes

Training available at all times!

Targeted objectives

  • Discover your beliefs, limits and prejudices in relation to diversity.
  • Learn to interpret and recognize cultural differences in interpersonal relationships.
  • Identify winning communication strategies in an intercultural context.

Included in the training

  • Access to videos for one year (75 minutes total)
  • Inspiring stories and illustrated examples
  • Logbook with memory aid and bibliographical references

Our tools

Discover the lifeblood between
the personality layers.


Diversity-Equity-Inclusion (DEI)

This fifteen-minute self-assessment questionnaire is administered online to collect the perceptions of staff towards the culture, policies and practices of inclusion in their workplace.

We consider this diagnostic tool as the first step in any process of organizational change towards a more inclusive culture.

Why the Diversity-Equity-Inclusion (DEI) barometer?

We strongly recommend administering this questionnaire at the start of any organizational change process towards a more inclusive culture. The information collected and analyzed by our team represents essential avenues for identifying targets and thinking about the courses of action required to achieve them.

Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery is a psychometric tool designed to help individuals in a company to better understand others, optimize their professional relationships, and improve the quality of their interactions by improving their self-knowledge. The development goals of the Insights Discovery approach are to improve team productivity, increase personal effectiveness and drive performance by introducing the organization to a common and unifying language.


The integrated approach recommended by the TRIMA questionnaires makes it possible to dynamically assess the level of coherence that exists between three central dimensions of human behaviour: skills, social styles and leadership style.

This diagnostic tool is suitable for individuals wishing to get to know themselves better in order to redirect their career choices, and for professionals in human resources, organizational development, coaching and management, wishing to acquire new knowledge and develop skills in order to become certified.

Notre équipe





Lelaña Hudson

Marketing and Communications Coordinator


Josiane Lisée

Finance and Administration Director


Josée Duquette

Strategic Advisor


Lyne Dorais

Certified Professional Coach, ACC


Jacques Proulx

Strategic Advisor, Intercultural Relations Psychology


Sylvie Langelier

Executive Assistant


Francine D’ortun

Senior Consultant, Facilitator, Researcher


François Héon

Senior Consultant, Individual and Group Leadership Expert


Dorothée Bezançon

Content and Training Consultant


Nayiri Tavlian

Expert Consultant, Intercultural Relations


Matisse Makwanda

Associate Creative


Nydia Dauphin

Human Resources Consultant


Julia Hall

Associate Creative


Francis Ihaza

Organizational Strategies Consultant


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Chief Administrative Officer and International Adoption Secretary for the Ministère de la santé et des services sociaux

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