Our conferences can be customized according to your specific needs. They especially relate to management, leadership and diversity.

Here are some suggested topics:

Inclusive leadership, a lever for engagement and mobilization

Since the widespread introduction of telework, organizations must redefine their concept of work and approach work relations differently. This new mode of operation, combined with workforce shortage and diversification, requires a change in the relationship to work and the management of human capital. This conference offers a reflection on inclusive leadership and possible solutions to make it a lever to promote the mobilization and commitment of your staff.

Dare to be altruistic at work

In a changing context where performance and competitiveness dominate, what is altruism’s place in your organization?

Do you offer a favourable environment for vulnerability and our human condition to live and flourish?

Agile and appreciative leadership

How do you meet short-term performance requirements without losing sight of sustainable organizational development? How do you align your personal goals with those of your work team?

This conference offers food for thought to leaders who want to think outside the box.

No roses without thorns - inclusive people management

Managing diversity is no longer an added value, it’s a must. Leaders are called to manage the complexity of human relations in the workplace. Relational and communication skills have become essential skills that set the best leaders apart, since mobilizing people is the keystone to performance.