About us

Concilium Capital Humain is a Quebec-based company that has been offering consulting services and training programs in Canada and internationally for more than 10 years.

From the beginning, this business project has been built on the human and professional journey of our founder, Hubert Mposo Makwanda. He describes himself as “the one who brings people together,” which comes from the historical meaning of his last name. He created Concilium in 2001 and officially founded the current company in 2011.

Concilium is a Latin word that refers to the French term conciliabule, which means conversing in a low voice, away from indiscreet ears. The creation of Concilium Capital Humain is in response to an insistent call from managers and business leaders in Canada and abroad.

Our team of experts and multidisciplinary partners will be there to support you in creating an inclusive and productive workplace.

Our raison d'être:


Understanding the issues in order to propose relevant solutions adapted to today’s reality.


Embracing difference, innovation and imagination; welcoming challenges as opportunities to excel.


Finding the right balance for every person and every situation.


Consolidating trust by promoting the development of all involved entities.