Inclusive diversity management

This course drives awareness of the scope and the real impacts of cultural diversity on a daily basis, particularly in the workplace. Based on everyone’s experiences, it allows a rereading of the situations experienced in order to analyze the issues and strategies to be used to adapt to cultural variables. The explanation of theoretical concepts is an opportunity to demystify and better understand the attitudes and behaviours dictated by the cultures to which they belong.

Who should attend?

Anyone who is responsible for supervising or training employees.

Targeted objectives

Recognize the realities of diversity in society and the organization.

Identify the issues and potential sources of conflict in the context of cultural diversity.

Know how to use intercultural negotiation strategies and manage special requests.

Skills developed

  • Ability to recognize and prevent misunderstandings related to the dynamics of intercultural relations.
  • Ability to effectively manage relationships and negotiate in a cross-cultural context.


6-hour training to obtain a Continuing Education Unit (CEU).