Who is this program for?

Any leader of influence called upon to work and make decisions in the context of diversity in their workplace.

Program features

Concrete by meeting the expectations and needs of participants working in the field.

Dynamic by offering an experiential approach where reflection, analysis and the transfer of knowledge in the workplace are at the heart of the process.

Interactive by allowing everyone to participate and commit. Six hours of individual coaching are offered across the program.

Flexible by offering a multitude of possibilities for organizing meetings (virtually, at or outside the workplace) depending on the context and the participants’ locations.

Targeted objectives

Offer practical tools that help develop a clear vision of the personal and organizational issues related to diversity management.

Master the issues related to managing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

Identify the levers that allow progress towards achieving organizational ambitions and identifying the practices and processes that may constitute obstacles to accomplishing strategic objectives.

Develop inclusive and transformative leadership to manage and decide in inclusive mode.

Develop an action plan to bring initiatives to life and achieve organizational ambitions.

Skills developed

  • Ability to use all available information to understand a situation from every angle.
  • Ability to identify opportunities and challenges to act proactively.

Program duration and structure

Prodige comprises six modules divided into three levels. One module corresponds to an intensive 6-hour day of training.

In addition to the training workshops, each participant benefits from personalized support for developing an action plan for their organization and an individual plan for their continuous personal development.

36-hour program with certification from the Society for Training and Continuing Education (SOFEDUC).