With more than 35 years of management experience in a Canadian subsidiary of a major company, Lyne Dorais has held the positions of project planner in marketing strategy, director of partner relations for corporate affairs, director of organizational development, and talent acquisition within human resources.

Curious, empathetic, agile and strategic, Lyne stands out for the quality of her presence and her ability to listen to the people she mentors. At Concilium Capital Humain, Lyne Dorais acts as project director and senior coach-consultant.

She holds a bachelor's degree in management and a certification in organizational development from HEC-Montreal, as well as a professional coach certification. She is a member in good standing of the International Coaching Federation, accredited ACC (Accredited Certified Coach), and she is certified as an Insights Discovery Practitioner, holding an LP (Licenced Practitioner) title.

A rose at the table, a bouquet of love in the room! Lyne's presence reminds us of the deep nature we share, the humanity at the heart of all organizations.


Certified Professional Coach, ACC