Concilium Capital Humain offers several types of mentoring / coaching:

Executive coaching

This type of support is proposed for senior executives and managers. Executive coaching focuses on the strategic and systemic aspect of the leadership function in organizations. It promotes insight in the face of leadership issues and offers reflection and introspection exercises supporting the emergence of creative, realistic and sustainable solutions.

Management and business coaching

Management coaching is aimed at first-time and intermediate managers. This type of support makes it possible to strengthen the skills necessary for better self-knowledge as a manager in order to improve the functioning and mobilization of work teams. On the other hand, business coaching aims to improve entrepreneurial skills.

Professional transition coaching

This type of support is intended for people who are at the end of their career, transitioning to another position or taking on a new management role. It promotes introspection, reflection and discernment to make informed decisions in synch with real motivations. For leaders in a new position, this coaching allows them to develop managerial, strategic and relational skills to acquire a better understanding of the organizational context in which they will have to evolve.

Team or group coaching

Based on experiential learning, this type of support aims to optimize a group’s functioning and improve collective intelligence. The skills, strengths and talents of each are identified and recognized so that everyone can contribute to achieving common objectives.