Inspiring leadership

Organizations are currently faced with multiple, rapid and complex changes that are difficult to predict. In this context, mastering traditional management tools (planning, organization, decision-making, control) is no longer enough. We are now looking for leaders with strong relational skills who are capable of adapting easily to establish collaborative and transformational leadership.

Investing in leadership development adapted to contemporary reality increases the chances of success for your managers, your employees and ultimately your entire organization.

Who should attend?

Anyone who is tasked with exercising the role of influential leader within an organization.

Targeted objectives

Become aware of the characteristics of their leadership style.

Identify the skills to reinforce and new attitudes to adopt as an inspiring leader.

Recognize personal strengths and challenges related to the exercise of collaborative leadership.

Strengthen the ability to exercise one's power of influence from an inspiring and transformational leadership perspective.

Skills developed

  • Understanding yourself and your leadership style
  • Ability to surpass oneself and to self-assess
  • Ability to formulate and communicate a clear and inspiring vision
  • Ability to give constructive feedback 


6-hour course to obtain a Continuing Education Unit (CEU).