Simon Brault

CEO, Canada Council for the Arts

In the winter of 2021, the Canada Council for the Arts launched the largest recruitment campaign in its history. Focused on diversity, equity and inclusion, this campaign has led to major advances in representation across the Board, including in the leadership group, with 35% of Board executives identifying as aboriginal, black or racialized people, and 70% are women.

In this context, I called upon the expertise, strategic advice and inspiration that Hubert Mposo Makwanda could offer us. His contribution to the success of our recruitment campaign and to the building of a new culture of inclusive leadership at the Canada Council for the Arts has been remarkable. He combines strategic interventions at the level of the Director and CEO, direct support for HR and co-development department, at the executive and management levels.

On a personal note, I must also emphasize the open-mindedness, accessibility, candor, humanity, righteousness and courage Hubert demonstrated during his interventions, in formulating his recommendations, as well as in our bilateral meetings and informal exchanges.