Intercultural Communication in the Workplace


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Cultures have never been closer. Once separated by oceans and borders, cultures are now within range of phone calls, emails, or screens. Cultures must not only coexist: they also have to learn how to communicate and interact with one another, often in order to reach common goals. Of course, it is impossible to have a good command of every culture’s details. However, gaining some principles is useful to better manage and make the most of intercultural relations.


  • Identify one’s beliefs, limits, and preconceptions in relation to diversity 
  • Learn how to interpret and recognize cultural differences
  • Identify winning communication strategies in intercultural contexts

Learning Pathway

  • Going into culture in greater depth
  • Issues and challenges when opening up to diversity
  • Cultural variables and sources of misunderstanding
  • Inspiring stories and examples

Included in the Training

  • One-year access to videos (total of 112 minutes)
  • Interactive logbook, with an aide-mémoire and bibliographic references (20 pages)

Presentation of the Trainer

Mr. Hubert M. Makwanda, M.Ed, CRHA, is the president and main trainer at Concilium Capital Humain. He has more than 25 years of experience in organizational development, executive training, strategic planning and change management, management in contexts of diversity, results-based management, conflict resolution, and talent management and succession planning.