Our expertise

Take root collectively,
grow better individually.

Organizational development

In a constantly changing organizational context, mastering traditional management tools (planning, organization, decision-making, control) is no longer enough. To achieve desired performance, organizations must know how to mobilize their resources around an inspiring vision and express their mission and values ​​through daily actions.

Concilium Capital Humain expertise helps organizations perform better by offering organizational development strategies and support leading to lasting transformations in terms of human capital and organizational culture.

Our educational approaches (training workshops, practice communities, co-development, team or individual coaching, etc.) make it possible to offer every organization a program adapted to its specific needs.

In organizational development, we intervene mostly in the following fields of expertise:

  1. 1. Organizational transformation
  2. 2. Inclusive diversity management
  3. 3. Strategic thinking and planning
  4. 4. Collective discernment and decision-making
  5. 5. Team mobilization and consolidation
  6. 6. Crisis management and conflict resolution
  7. 7. Succession planning and development
  8. 8. Commitment and well-being at work